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Vacuum cleaner


Suction and blowing are in one, easy to operate.


Equipment Parameter
PowerThree phase 380V 50/60Hz
BlowerPower 2,600W
    Maximum vacuum pressure 22.5kPa
    Maximum air volume 9.7m3
Dust collecting drum28L (stainless steel)
Power line5m
Safety device Overload protection device of the blower motor   (fuse)
Alarm device of filter clogging
DimensionMachine 78kg swing arm 12kg 652 (W) X 522 (L) X   3,600 (H) (inclusive of accessories)
WeightMachine 78kg swing arm 12kg
Equipment Advantages
1. Suction and blowing are in one, easy to operate.
2.   The operating arm can adjust.

3.   Big capacity dust can.

4.   Continue working for a long time.
5.   Fault recognition.

Equipment Parameter

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